Journey with Jeanette Brown

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Jeanette Brown

Are you struggling to move forward in this chaotic and uncertain world, where anxiety is the new normal?

Are you frustrated with parts of your life that you would love to change but haven’t been able to?

Are you heading towards retirement or already retired and feel like your life is lacking purpose?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I am here to help you help yourself.

I can give you the tools to coach yourself to a happier, more fulfilling and purposeful life, aligned to your values so you become the best version of yourself, no matter what stage of life you are at.

How may I help you?

No matter what stage of life we are at, from starting or changing our career or entering retirement, we can harness our inner coach and discover what truly brings us meaning and joy.

In a world with so much background noise and chaos, many of us have used this time of uncertainty to reflect and reboot our lives by taking stock, evaluating our purpose in life and what it is we want for a more fulfilling life, aligned to our values.

By examining your life as it is now and working out what it is you want for a more meaningful life, you can find the momentum to move forward and find your flow in life.​

The Reset Your Life Compass course I have created is an online course to support you in your self-coaching journey, to help you find meaning and become the person you aspire to be, leading to a more fulfilling and happier life. 

No matter what area or areas of your life you are stuck in my self-coaching model can empower you to make deep and lasting changes, achieve those personal, career-related or retirement goals and live a life aligned to your values.

Research shows that resilient people are happier and more fulfilled even during chaotic and uncertain times. When you’re resilient, you’re more able to bounce back from those challenges in your life.

And the most effective way to become resilient is to learn how to coach yourself to live a life that you genuinely love.

This is the inspiration behind Reset Your Life Compass. I’d love for you to join me.

The coaching I offer through online sessions can provide support and guide you as you navigate your way through Reset Your Life Compass to achieve your vision of success.

Remember that you have the power to change your attitude and create meaning in every situation, so take charge of your life, discover your purpose and live the life you love.

Journey with Jeanette Brown

Embrace change, Redefine your future: Navigate your way to a fulfilling life


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